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Hangzhou Qluck Bearing project and partners

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Update time : 2016-12-27 15:21:47
Since 2012, Hangzhou Qluck Bearing had started coperation with Mando. Mainly Geely EMGRAND flange annual supply is 0.4million pcs, VISION flange 0.3million pcs, and Geely GL/GS annual supply is 0.2 million pcs. 
QY16011-- the Geely GS/GL  flange for Mando, which is pointed as original parts. 

Except Mando, Hangzhou Qluck Bearing had cooperated with many other famous automobile brake manufacturers, such as  Zhejiang APG(Yatai), CIPE Braking Systems,  Changjiang Bearing, Wanxiang Group, BWI Group and more of large auto parts agent at home and abroad.