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The First Generation is composed of double row-angular contact bearings, which are mounted inside the suspension mechanism, so the whole structure would be relative cumbersome.

 As compared to the traditions two-set single-row bearings, this type features:

 • Compact structure

• Easy and reliable applied preload

• Built-in high-performance seal rings

• Easy installation

The Second Generation is a double-row angular contact bearing unit with flanges for out ring, in which the bearing is jacketed to the wheel axle and fixed with nuts, and wheel hubs and brakes are directly connected to the flange.

 As compared to the first-generation hub bearing units, this type features:

 • No need to press into the steering knuckle

• Easier and more reliable applied preload

• Sensor rotor to be installed if the outer ring rotates

• Easy installation


The Third Generation wheel hub bearing unit is a structure in which the bearing unit and the anti-lock brace system match with each other. The wheel bearing unit is designed with inner flange and outer flange, inner flange connecting the vehicle wheel and outer flange connecting the entire bearing to the body.

 As compared to the second-generation hub bearing units, this type features:

 • Good rigidity

• The best applied preload

• Easy to install anti-locking brake system (ABS) sensor

• Easier installation